jimin’s reaction when the mc tells him to stop talking nonsense.

look how scared jeongguk was @bts: american hustle life ep 1 teaser  

sleepy jimin (◡‿◡✿)


I can smell the issues with this show around the corner. We’re going have the overly defensive fans, the fans that who don’t care much about what’s going on and are chill. The fans who are going to whine about how something it’s not right or funny, the fans who are going to think everything is funny. The fans who are going to say stupid shit without thinking, the fans who are going to make long ranty posts about how people should feel. And my favorite of the all the fans who are going to defend their oppas to the death if they do or say something problematic and won’t acknowledge it.





After debuting and being able to do my own music, I was happy that this show led me to another big comma or a big turning point (in my life/career). After being on the show, it made me think, ‘I wish there were more shows like this.’
 Rapmonster, about the 4 Things Show in ep. 12 (via blush-rabbits-wonderland)
대남협 – DNH Cypher


[ Marvel.J intro ]

패기만 넘치던 어린 시절엔
헛소리 지껄이며 머리속을 비웠네
내 속 깊숙한데서 꿈을 낚아
무슨말 하고있는건지 꼬마들은 알까
stay fly 고개들고 봐라 내 위치 공중
여태까지 시간들여 내비친 포부
는 폭죽의 화약 터뜨릴 때가 됐어
대남협 Season is on 개막했어
[Kyum2 ]

내가 누구냐면 말야 huh
씬에 불을 지필 방화범
기회는 단 한번이면 족해
두말하면 잔소리
우린 대충은 없어 뭘하던 제대로들 각맞춰
hey 필요없는 가오잡이
알아서 각 나오지
so 모두가 바라보지
넌 넘을 수 없는 고지
우린 가볍게 넘고 오직
정상을 향해서 runaway
우리들만의 show지

다 어디 갔니? 그 많던 니 크루들 
3세대를 끌어 가겠다던 친구들? 
두드러진 그룹은 없고 우루루 똑같은?
부류끼리? 핏불인 척해도 fuckin' poodles 
다 같은 랩에 난 하품만 나 
대가리 몇 놈 빼곤 싹 다 사은품 아냐? 
i11evn & marvel, kyum2, supreme & illipse rap mon & kido, samsoon, iron 
we kill'em all

born in seoul city living dat good life
너의 그 주말밤 보다 빛나는 평일 낮
dont need no 예거 밤s i got more better bombs
취기 하나없이 느껴지는 기분이야 말로 bigger fun
24 hours buiding own babel tower
따라하기 바쁜 넌 fuking coward
k to the i to the d o h 누구들과 날 감히 비교해
out of my way 큰 기여해 현 가요계는 꼭 날 필요해
[Supreme Boi]

항시 가치관이 래퍼같지 않은 래퍼들
개양아치 스타일 집단이 받지 일류 대접을
좁아터진 fuckin' 언더 다 이만 갈지만
But idol 보다 못한 MC가 많지 여긴
step back jackass, and take terror
한겨울에도 쌩쌩한 Mayweather
get em' 니가 날 겁줘도
난 널 사장시킬테니 상관없어


i only eat organic, locally grown ass


Crazy Bestfriends be like

when namjoon was gonna give taehyung a high five but taehyung didn’t see it.


the weirdest shit about the whole “your fave is problematic” thing is that y’all hunt down minor details about the past of celebrities while also refusing to acknowledge how you acted like two years ago 


white boy: let’s play 21 questions ;)
me: okay
white boy: you go first
me: why did you kill Martin Luther King jr. ?